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How to Hang Computer

How to Hang Computer There is lot of trick on Internet to hang anyone’s Computer. Also lot of Software and Code are available on internet for Hang Computer. It is Nothing more than confuse your system. Main Myths about Computer… Continue Reading →

Spoof MAC Address on Android Phones

Spoof MAC Address on Android Phones A Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a 12-character unique identifier assigned to a specific piece of hardware such as the network adapter of your WiFi device. In simple words, a MAC address… Continue Reading →

Basic Things to Increase Your Internet Speed

Sharp Way To Increase Your Internet Speed We have Two Method to Increase Internet Speed you can Follow Both of Them Method 1  Here is a Sharp Way to Increase 20% Internet Speed. Just you Have to Follow us. In all… Continue Reading →

Every Programmer Must Need to Know this

Every Programmer Must Need to Know this R.A.T :- Remote Administration Tool DDOS :- Distributed Reflected Denial of Service Attack, uses a list of reflection servers or other methods such as DNS to spoof an attack to look like it’s… Continue Reading →

Make symbols with Keyboard

How to make symbols with Keyboard  Following are all Symbol that exist in computer system. Just you have to Hold ALT key and Press Number According to the Symbol. Here is Examples. It may be Different according to Different Software,… Continue Reading →

How To Know your own mobile Number On Zero Balance

How To Know our own mobile Number On Zero Balance For Airtel – *121*9# For Aircel – *888# For Docomo – *580# For IDEA – *100# For Videocon – *1# For Virgin – *1# For Vodafone – *111*2# For Reliance – *1#

Life isn’t about finding yourself

Life isn’t about finding yourself “I didn’t complete my University..” : Bill Gates “I Stitched Shoes in childhood..” :  Abraham Lincoln “I was the one who served in Hotels..” : Oberoi “I was Conductor..” : Rajnikanth “I worked at Petrol Pump..” : Dhirubhai Ambani “I Failed in class 10th..” : Sachin Tendulkar “I… Continue Reading →

Languages(Technology) Used in Most Famous Websites

Languages Used in Most Famous Websites 1. Google – Java (Web), –C++ (indexing). 2. Facebook – PHP. 3. YouTube- Flash, Python, Java. 4. Yahoo– PHP and Java. 5. Microsoft–.NET 6. Baidu – Unknown 7. Wikipedia – PHP 8. Blogger… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Hacking Movies

Top 10 Hacking Movies 1. Algorithm (2014) 2. WarGames (1983) 3. Hackers (1995) 4. The Matrix (1999) 5. Takedown (2000) 6. The Italian Job (2003) 7. Live free or die hard (2007) 8. Blackhat (2015) 9. Untraceable (2008) 10. Eagle Eye (2008)  

How to Block Website

How to Block Website  Many People has a Question that How to Block Some useless Websites which are Unnecessary. Mostly Parents Has A this Question, Because They Provides Internet to Their children For Education Purpose. But Child Mostly Deal With… Continue Reading →

Crack IDM (Internet Download Manager)

Crack IDM (Internet Download Manager) Here is Trick to Crack IDM ( Internet Download Manager ) Permanently. You can Follow Following Video or you can Follow Following Steps. Step 1 : Install IDM ( Internet Download Manager ) Step 2… Continue Reading →

Tips To Download fast anything

How To Download fast anything… Here is A Tips to Download To Download Fast Anything. Following Video Shows you Full Guide of How to Download Fast Anything, Also Follows the Steps Below… Internet Download Manager is one of the best… Continue Reading →

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