How to Hack Facebook | Phishing Attack

NOTE : This Video/Post is Only for Educational Purpose. Try this At your own risk. this video show that how attacker and Hackers are Hack Phishing attack to hack Facebook. so by this Article every one should aware of this type of attack and prevent them.

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Hacking Facebook | Steps with Snapshot 

The Following are Steps with Snapshot to Hack Facebook account using Phishing Attack

  1. Go to  And Sign up.

    how to Hack facebook -

    how to Hack facebook –

  2. Log in into www.000webhost.comhow to Hack facebook - www.onephin.com3.Click on + Button of the Center-top Side of the page.Also Read How to Hack Facebookhow to Hack facebook -

4.Then Type any Name as Website name, you can type any Keyword here. then type password and click on create to Hack facebook -

5.Now Scroll page and Click on UPLOAD NOW to Hack facebook -

6.Now Click on upload icon to Upload the Facebook Phishing files. Click here to Download Facebook Phishing files.

Download Facebook Phishing files

how to Hack facebook -

7.New window will open. click on Select Files button. and select all phishing file then click on to Hack facebook -

8.Click on to Hack facebook -

9.Now go back to your Build website page. where you can see the url like

In our case our url is Now copy Your Address(url) and send it anyone whose Account you want Hack. When they click on this link a Facebook login page will open.

you can Send this Phishing link to anyone(Friends, Enemy or others).through Gmail, Facebook, or Whatsapp or any social media.

how to Hack facebook -

10.When anyone click on that link, a Facebook login page will open. Tell them to login with facebook. click here to know that how to convince anyone to login in phishing page which you sent.

how to convince anyone to login in phishing page which you sent

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how to Hack facebook -

11. Now go to Upload page and double click on to open to Hack facebook -

12. In file you can see the email and password of your Friend or Enemy. at bottom of array you can see user name(Email address or Phone number and Password). In following Image is email Address and success is password.

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how to Hack facebook -


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