Hide Passwords | Messages | secret Text Within Text  – Video


Here are the Steps to Hide Passwords | Messages | secret Text Within Text 

Step 1 : Create any text file(like abc.txt) and write something on  it.

Step 2 : Open CMD(Command Prompt) on same directory where text file is created.

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You Can do so by Holding Shift + Right Click then >> click Open command window here.

Step 3 : In command Prompt(CMD) Type Notepad abc.txt :: hide.txt

– This Command will open new notepad file named hide.txt.

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Step 4 :  Write any Secret text or password here and save it.

-Now no one can see the hide.txt file. he can see abc.txt file only. because the hide.txt file hidden behind the abc.txt file so when anyone open the abc.txt file he can see the content of abc.txt file only.

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Step 5 : To Open your Hidden file you have to write this code again Notepad abc.txt :: hide.txt

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