How to Create Invisible Folder

Everyone Has some confidential data on their Computer. Most people has some Important files that deeds privacy and Security. Because Computer in home or office is used by someone besides you. such as in office another employee has an access on your computer, same as in Home your family members needs to access your computer also you can’t refused your friends to use your computer. At that time to to hide your confidential data and information you must have to do something.

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Mostly on Internet There are several software are Exist to hide and lock your Private data and information. but These all software’s Password crack are also available on internet. so instead of Lock your file or folder, you have to hide it in such way that its can’t detect by anyone. For this purpose here we have Trick by which we can create an Invisible Folder, On which you can click but you can’t see it.

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Let’s see how its work…



  1. Create any Folder.
  2. Right click on that folder and select Rename.

Create Invisible Folder

3. Erase Name then Hold ALT key and Press 0160.

4. Press Enter Key.

then your Folder looks without name like Below.

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8-21-2016 2-12-03 PM

5. Right click on folder and select Properties.

Create Invisible Folder

6. Click on Customize tab. then click on Change Icon.

Create Invisible Folder

7. The Following window will appear. which show you number of Icons.

8-21-2016 2-19-53 PM

8. Find Blank Icon from this window and select it. In following window the red boarder contain Blank icons, here is four black icons, select any of them, here you can see a square in sky blue color. that is blank icon which i select.

find Blank Icon from following

9. Press OK

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Now the folder is disappear, you can’t see it but you can click on it.

just copy your data in that folder and place folder any where in your computer.

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