Sharp Way To Increase Your Internet Speed

We have Two Method to Increase Internet Speed you can Follow Both of Them

Method 1 

Here is a Sharp Way to Increase 20% Internet Speed. Just you Have to Follow us. In all Windows OS, System is Reserve Some Internet Speed for Update the Windows so around 20% to 25% Internet Speed is Reserve for that and we can’t Enjoy 100% of our Internet Speed. For This Reason to Reduce This Limitation, Here is Trick to use 100% of your internet speed and Disable

  1. First you have go to start button
  2. Go To Run or Press CTRL + R
  3. Type gpedit.msc And Then Hit Enter.
Increase Internet Speed


  1. Following Window will Appear, Then Expand Administrative Templates and Click Network.

Increase Internet Speed
5.It will Give you Following Window, Then select QoS Packet Scheduler.

Increase Internet Speed

  1. Following Window will Appear. Double-Click On Limit Reservable Bandwidth.

Increase Internet Speed

  1. Then Click on Disable and Hit OK.

Increase Internet Speed

Now You Click On Apply.

That’s It Now You Are Done !!

Now Just Restart Your Computer And I hope You will Get change in Your Speed



Method 2



Another Simple way to Increase your Internet Speed is

1. Use IDM ( Internet Download Manager ) To Boost Your Downloading Speed.
2. Use A Good Anti-virus in Your Computer.
3. Remove Unwanted Add-ons, Software,Unwanted Files Form Your Computer.
4.Update Your Drivers Periodically.
5.Keep A Good Maintenance Of Your Computer.