Access Blocked Website

There is main issue in School, colleges, company, tuition classes and work office is that they are Providing us Limited Access on Internet they Provides. such as they can’t give us access on some interesting Websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, vimeo and viral videos.

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Following is a tricks to use or UNBLOCK a block Website at any Place 

Here we have Two Methods by which we can Unblock website that means we can access any blocked websites.

just you have to follow one of the following Methods, To get Access on any blocked Websites.

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Method 1 

1) Open This Web site :
( This web site Provides you a Proxy Server that can able you access the block site)
2) By following This link you will show following Text box at bottom of the page.
In this text box type URL of any blocked website which you want to access.
For Example, Here we type
3) click on ” HIDE MY ASS ” Button. beside the Text box.
( it will open the block site as shown below )
By this trick you can access any Blocked website.

NOTE : In case of your college or school is very smart and they are block “”
you have to choose second option.


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Method 2

If you can not access Blocked Website using above Method, This is Another Method you have to deal.

Just you have to download Download tor Browser .

The TOR Browser is one of the best browser which has a Lot’s of Proxy Server.

If you use TOR Browser and you are trying to access any blocked websites. TOR Browser  use Its Proxy server to set path for you to reach the Desire webpage which you want to access.

Click here to Download tor browser.

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